മുസ് ലിം പെണ്ണും മുഖപടവും

Katherine Bullock

ഹിജാബിനെക്കുറിച്ചുള്ള സൂക്ഷ്‌മവും, സ്ഥൂലവുമായ...

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Women in the Prophet's Herat

Dr. Ali Shariati

Feminists, especially those who have studied Iranian intellectuals, have found it difficult to accept Shariati's position on women. At a...

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ഖുറാന്‍ ഒരു പെണ്‍വായന 3rd Edition

Amina Wadud

          മുസ്‌ലിം സ്‌ത്രീ ജീവിതം അതിന്‍റെ...

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History of Other Books | Shameer KS

Year 2003. There was a yawning gap in Kerala between the demand for and supply of books for serious reading. Bookstores sold fictions aplenty as well as popular non-fictions. Books that introduced newest thoughts...

10 Years that Defined Other Books | Auswaf Ahsan

This year Other Books turns 10. Down my memory lane, it was started as a venture for making socially and historically radical titles in the Kerala market. Academics, journalists and above all bibliophiles gathered...